A Younger Woman

About A Younger Woman

Few areas of human activity generate as much interest as human mating behavior. Yet the elements of human mating often defy our understanding. We grow up believing in true love, we dream about finding our "one and only". We imagine that when it happens, we will marry in harmony and live happily ever after. Such pervasive ideas as the concept of love defies easy explanation. Something deeper, more profound about human nature has evolved in us - something we may not fully understand. Our system of matching the desires of men with the desires of younger women draws from millions of years of evolutionary mate selection.

A man's preference for a younger woman

As a result of millions of years of evolution, men's preferences in selecting a mate capitalize on a desire for young, beautiful women. As men age, they prefer women who are increasingly younger than themselves. In poorer, developing countries, Western men have access to beautiful women much younger than themselves, often 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years younger, as mature Western men are viewed as good potential husbands and better providers than the men in poorer countries. It's not uncommon for a Western man in his 60's to be in a relationship with a mail order bride in her 20's.

What women want when selecting a mate

What women really want in a man has confused male scientists and men in general for centuries. The evolution of women's preference for a man's ability to provide resources is the oldest and strongest basis for female mate selection. As a Western man you already possess an extreme advantage over the local men in the poorer economies of the typical Mail Order Bride countries where we conduct our romance tours. Consider the case of a typical mail order bride contemplating a life with a local man from her home country who typically will never have the resources to provide a life which ordinary people live in such countries as the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. The fact that you're from the West gives you an incredible advantage in being desirable to women in developing countries.